Tammy endorsed by the B.C. General Employees’ Union

September 1, 2021

“We desperately need a federal government that will take on the most pressing issues of our time – from climate change to reconciliation and more.

The BC General Employees’ Union is excited to endorse Tammy Bentz who will be a champion for these issues and will be a great representative for the people of North Vancouver in Ottawa.”

James Coccola
Executive Vice President
B.C. General Employees’ Union

Tammy talks to the BC Student’s Federation >

As reported in the North Shore News – September 1, 2021

NDP challenger Tammy Bentz acknowledged the North Shore’s transportation infrastructure hasn’t changed significantly in her 20 years here, and that “traffic sucks. “The NDP is looking to modernize and expand public transit. That’s one of our big issues because we want everyday people to be able to get to work in other methods besides using their car.” Bentz also made the link between transportation and affordable housing, saying if more people could live closer to work, they wouldn’t have to drive. – By Brent Richter

As reported in the North Shore News – September 1, 2021

Justin Trudeau Wants to Bring Back Austerity

By John Clarke

As reported in the North Shore News – September 1, 2021

“So far in this 44th general election, only Singh and the NDP have had a significant focus on Indigenous candidates and issues, and campaigned in person in ridings where there is a significant Indigenous presence”.

By David AkinGlobal News Source

Trudeau gives $18.3bn subsidies to fossil fuel producers despite climate pledge!

The fossil fuel industry’s misinformation campaign is thriving here in Canada. You are forgiven if you thought we were doing well – they’ve worked hard to make that so. But now you know better. Thanks to Elizabeth May for pulling together the data and to Holy Cow Communication Design for the graphic. Sources are embedded in the graphic. Headline source: as reported by CBC News, Apr 15, 2021

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