Tammy talks to the BC Student’s Federation.

Our vision is to make post-secondary education free New Democrats are committed to making life more affordable for young people. We will eliminate interest from federal student loans and introduce a targeted debt forgiveness program that forgives up to $20,000 in student debt. Our plan is to permanently double non-repayable Canada Student Grants. We willContinue reading “Tammy talks to the BC Student’s Federation.”

NDP 2021 Election Platform Guide

Text courtesy of Macleans Magazine Taxes Tax the sale of homes to non-residents by (See Housing) (source) Introduce a temporary COVID-19 excess profit tax of 15 per cent tax on large corporate windfalls earned during the pandemic (note: the threshold for this is not specified). (source) Increase the capital gains inclusion rate to 75 perContinue reading “NDP 2021 Election Platform Guide”